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Unfortunately my good news comes with some sad as well. Winnie, of my original pair, I believe was older than she first seemed, and quietly passed not long ago leaving cagemate Olive alone. Olive's always been very rat-social and less focused on human interaction, so after a period of grieving for the both of us, I brought in some new company. Finally introducing four youngsters, Nilly the champagne (Vanilla Bean), Mia the black capped, Bella (black capped but incomplete head stripe), and Indy the black berkshire.

Here's Olive thinking she's sneaky.

Baby Bella

Here's Indy

Adoptive Mom and Bella snuggling on the igloo.

Now I've noticed something interesting about baby Bella (who, by the way, I absolutely adore and I already feel she could truly be my heart rat). All her sisters have the glossy, smooth, standard coat and fairly straight whiskers. Bella on the other hand has a relatively fluffy coat. She was that way in the first pictures previous owner showed me and just has a different texture all around. Not as smooth and shiny, a little more coarse, and fuzzy around the edges in layers. I'm used to fluffiness in rodents meaning ill health, but she's as active, playful, hungry, and thirsty as her siblings and her breathing sounds fine when I listen, so I can't find anything to be concerned about. Then I took some more pictures, and noticed on top of her fluffy/fuzziness, her whiskers (and wicked eyebrow hairs), are quite a bit more wild than her siblings. I don't know their lineage since they're from an oops litter, but could she just have a poor velveteen coat?

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