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Hey guys, about a month ago i got three 10 week old baby rats.

Since they turned 12 weeks old i've been trying to introduce them to my two adult female rats. The only neutral place i can do it is in the bath, this is where i've introduce all past rats without a problem. But all five of these girls just jump straight out of the bath after being in there for 30 seconds. The rest of the bathroom isn't particularly safe thanks to a dodgy DIY job on the floor leaving gaps and holes perfect for naughty rats to squeeze into.

My bedroom floor is where they free range and i did wipe it down with disinfectant wipes in the hope of 'neutralising' it but they scuffle (particularly one adult and one baby) and there was some puffy fur so i didn't want to let it continue any further.

I've tried having assistance in the bathroom (my brother) but all that happens is we spend a good 15 minutes placing rats back into the bath and hardly any interaction between the newbies and the residents takes place.

The downstairs is all unsafe for rats also (plus my two dogs live down there) and then my brothers room houses our guinea pigs in a c&C cage on the floor so i can't let the rats free in there.

Pleaseeee help me! :p
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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