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Tuesday, June 24th 2014
I apologize for not posting everyday like I planned, Ive been super busy and introducing Darwin and Watson was not as easy as I would have hoped! After I played with them both everyday, I let them play together in the bathroom twice a day.
Of course there was the normal wrestling and forceful grooming but I was very protective of Watson because he was so small, so I didnt want to leave them in the same cage until I was absolutely sure he was safe. He still is very small but I believe hes grown a lot.
When Watson was in his own cage I could always find him in my blue shirt, whenever I called for him he poked his little head out.
I tried to put them in the same cage 3 times before it stuck. Each time I scrubbed down the cage, rearranged it, and put vanilla extract on both of them. Basically, I followed every protocol I could find online to ensure everything would go smoothly. I went through a ton of bedding, cleaning wipes and litter though! :p
Watson and Darwin have been exclusively in the same cage for a week now. Darwin still doesnt allow Watson to eat any of his food which is okay right now because I take him out everyday to feed him young rat food anyway. But im just happy they get along well, and they snuggle all day while theyre sleeping. ( Everytime I go to take a picture of them they wake up!)
snuggles.jpg moresnuggles.jpg yes?.jpg
I could not be happier for the way this turned out! Darwin and Watson were in need of each other and im so glad to have them both. Im very thankful for Watsons previous owner and my friend who sent me her ad because I think this was meant to be. :)
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