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Just wanted to say HI

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Hello everyone!! Just wanted to say Hi and hope everyone and their ratties had a great Christmas!!! Me, Mahlie and Mike did!! She's our lil snuggling trouble maker and don't know what I would do without her. ;D Never in a million years did I ever think I would love a Rat so much, but now, couldn't imagine my days without my lil girl.:) So glad to find a site full of like minded folks and lots of great info for rats health issues. But Thanks for having me on here and had a important bit of info I learned & wanted to share about us getting rid of "her broken through the skin tumor she had on her underbelly and been gone now for 3 months". It was a lil bit smaller than a 1/2 golf ball, and Mahlie isn't a huge rat, but she's decent size, but the tumor and growth was HUGE!:(! But Figured it might help any Rattie parents out there and the stress that comes with health problems they have. Pure Virgin organic Coconut Oil mixed with Baking soda till it made a paste, 3x a day because she kept eating it off, and cleaned with colodial silver water before treatment. And her eating the baking soda/coconut oil wasn't bad for her, because baking soda/Coconut oil helps deter cancer/tumor cells from the inside out as well. But we do things as naturally as possible in our house, unless it just can't be avoided. And since then have had her on a alkaline water regiment that helps in the oxidation of her blood (ours too) and the tumor is completely gone now. And no signs of returning. ( Praying ) but I thought this may help anyone of you, I was guided through this from my best friends Mom who is a herbalist. But Thank You all again for having me on here, and hope someone can get some help from what I learned with my lil Fur baby Mahlie, and hope you all have a Happy New Year!! ;D Thanks again from Mahlies Maid....me lol​
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Coconut oil is amazing stuff!Happy new year!
Thank You, and yes it is. But I do hope other owners look into this and see for themselves. The combination of the baking soda/coconut oil is AWESOME!!! And the colodial silver water helps Mahlie and helps clear infections, colds, ect. I didn't believe any of this till I saw it for myself. Thanks Again!! :)
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