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Knowing if Urinary Tract Infection

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I have a sneaking suspicion theres somethig wrong. What are the symptoms? What is the treatment?
The only thing I have to go on is a very strong Amoniac smell. Also One keeps pulling the towel over so he can lay on the cool plastic floor like he has an upset stomach or bladder and it cools him off.
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My first instinct, judging by the strong smell of ammonia, is to ask if they are drinking enough? I have to keep an eye on our little one to make her drink as sometimes she gets a bit dehydrated (you can tell from pinching their skin - how quickly it goes back into place).

My second thought was that moving the towels to sleep on the plastic can be a normal behaviour - I've made nice little cozy spots for our girls only to have them pull it apart to sleep on the bare plastic, at times.

Other than that, the closest my book gets to this kind of thing is kidney disease. The common signs for this are drinking and urinating more frequently, but if they're drinking that much you wouldn't think it would smell more... I don't know.

The book also mentions bladder threadworm, but only goes on to say that it rarely causes health problems.

Are there any other "symptoms"? Sleeping more, eating habits changed, diarrhea?
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