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One of our female rats has a large soft bulge on her belly just behind and beside her right rear leg. It's rather large - about the size of a small or medium bouncy ball you'd buy from a quarter machine. It feels squishy with just a slight bit of pressure. She does not seem to be in any pain and is acting normal. Even when pushing on it, she is not squirming or squeaking, so I don't think it's painful at all. We're going to check a clinic nearby Monday to see what they can do for her. In the meantime, is there anything further I can do to diagnose or treat her? I have given her a bit of ibuprofen to make sure if it is a swelling issue or is painful for her, there will be a bit of relief.

What I've found on the internet is benign mammary tumors and abscesses and cysts. It appeared rather quickly. Neither me or my girlfriend had noticed it in the past 2 days. I will include a picture soon. It seems to move around independent of the skin position - like you can move it a bit as if it's a small pocket of fluid. It also seems to change shape as she stretches or curls.

Again, just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue or has any info that can help her before we go to a vet. I'm hoping that it does not increase in size or become an emergency at least until the clinic is open.

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