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Leaning to one side...Sneezing and a little bit of porphryn

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So I bought this little guy 4 days ago and he has been sneezing and leaning since. I went to take him back and they had me buy some water medication stuff...but it doesn't seem to be working...are these really bad signs? he's such a darn cute rat!! :(
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Re: Leaning to one side...Sneezing and a little bit of porph

A book that I have (Rats, Complete Care Made Easy) echoes what Darksong says, and also says what happens if it is left untreated -

A respiratory infection often invades the inner ear. This throws off the rat's balance, causing his head to tilt to one side. Prompt treatment with antibiotics and steroids can usually reverse the symptoms. If treatment is delayed, the symptoms can progress until the rat walks in a circle or rolls over and over, and permanent damage to the rat's sense of balance can result. A rat with severely impaired balance has trouble eating and drinking and may need to be euthanized.
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