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Leash walking?

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I'm just wondering what some people's experiences are with walking rats on leashes. Do you? Is it recommended or a no-no? If you do walk your rat(s) on a leash, is it store bought or home-made?

I've tried walking a rat on a store bought leash, but it was too big. A homemade one did prove to work, but I found my standing around a lot while the rat acted cautious about his surroundings. I like the idea of being able to have a rat on a leash and bring him around the house, but free-roam seems better and more... productive? :p
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I'd be afraid to take my rats outdoors on a leash, in case of escape. I sometimes bring them out onto the deck and provide buckets of dirt and grass and such but the outdoors seems to spook them more than they enjoy it.
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