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Leash walking?

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I'm just wondering what some people's experiences are with walking rats on leashes. Do you? Is it recommended or a no-no? If you do walk your rat(s) on a leash, is it store bought or home-made?

I've tried walking a rat on a store bought leash, but it was too big. A homemade one did prove to work, but I found my standing around a lot while the rat acted cautious about his surroundings. I like the idea of being able to have a rat on a leash and bring him around the house, but free-roam seems better and more... productive? :p
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Ya..leashes are good when you want to take them outside on the grass or just sit on the porch or something....Its actually not good to walk a rat on the pavement or any hard terrain.Its better to take them outside when its cloudy or when the sun isnt to bright or hot because it could kill your little rat...especially albinos and there eyes.
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