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lets start an amusing story forum...........

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not really an amusing story to start- just wanted to introduce you to my new ratties.............so after the nightmare of stoli and anna- who sadly were returned to the pet store, i have two new boys who are ace. I havent named them yet- but RONNIE and REGGIE spring to mind as they are partners in crime (referring to the Cray twins of course)

One is cream and the other is chocolate. The cream one hears the cage open and he shoots to the door wiating to be picked up, nd then just falls asleep in the crook of my arm whilst i stroke the back of his neck. The choc one is a bit more timid, but lets you pet him if his other half is in the cage- he doesnt like the actual picking up bit- but once you are holding him he will nestle into the crook of my arm, have a wash and a peek at the world. The cream one sleeps with his head on the chocolate ones head- which is cute but looks uncomfortable for choccie.

They love the cardboard tubes from toilet rolls- they play in them for about an hour then rip them to shreds and put them in their bed. As I type they are both having a run around the cage hyper moment- but being boys it wont last long before they are back curled up on each other fast asleep.

I am feeling a bit better about returning the other girls- esp if you see in my 'i give up' thread that they werent the only ones returned from the same breeder, and considering that my boys seems so much happier in the 4 days ive had them- it wasnt really my fault i couldnt handle the others.

anyone else got amusing stories of their ratties to share.it would be nice to haven a room devoted to the cute things they do.
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Well, the first rat i had used to like playin in my shirts and on occasion i would take her outside, so she would crawl up inside my sleeve. one day i was in my house and she wanted insinde my shirt so i let her up my sleeve. i was sitting there for a while with her in my sleeve when out of no where she went from being in my sleeve to firmly attached to my nipple. TALK ABOUT PAIN! let me just say this........that was the last time i EVER let my rat in my shirt. but besides that she used to love to snag my ice cream bars. i'd be sittin there eating a klondike bar and she would do sum kinda kung-fu leap and take my ice cream. ya just had to see that one.
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