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Recently I've been a little lax about cage cleaning. Mostly because I've been super busy with work, school, and traveling for Mock Trial on the weekends. Mostly I've been taking care of the litter box and spot cleaning, but hadn't done a deep clean of the girls cage for a few weeks. (Okay, if I'm honest, probably a month. At least I do the litter box weekly...)

Then tonight we are taking down the girls hanging stuff in order to turn the single critter nation into a split double, and I found a ton of food in the corner wedge. It wasn't just a pile inside, but they have chewed through the first layer of fabric and were storing food inside the layers of fabric as well. That was fairly easy to pour back into the bag of food. Here's a pic of the wedge for reference. It's not huge, but had at least 3-4 good sized handfuls of food inside.

Later, I took the second level out to wipe it down. On this level I have a little wooden house. Mostly I see Raichu going in and out, and found out today that she had blocked the window of the house by shoving a rope toy through it. Inside the house was a massive pile of food. So much food that I'm surprised Raichu could even get inside. Probably 7 handfuls of food, easily. Mixed in were bits of cardboard from boxes she had destroyed along with bits of fleece from other things the girls have destroyed. Took me 30 minutes to sort out the food from the other stuff so I could put it back in the bag.

My boyfriend is the one who feeds the rats, usually a bit in the morning and a bit before bed. He said tonight that he clearly didn't need to be feeding them since they had stored enough food to last them for most of November, lol. I guess we need to change when the get food or how much we give them, because clearly they are not eating it. At least for now their cage is super clean, and I guess I need to find time to deep clean it more often...

(proof I know how to clean a cage, :p )

Anyways, what are things you guys do to avoid massive hoards? I know I'm not the one feeding, so I can't say for sure how much food he's giving them, but clearly it was way more than they needed. I want them to have enough food that they are comfortable and healthy, but I don't want to have to clean up massive piles of food and cardboard again anytime soon. What's the best way to handle this?
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