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Hi guys! I'm sure a lot of us are familiar with sewing since our ratties are little chewers!

I actually make small animal hammocks on the side and sell them provincially (I am in Canada) to make a little extra cash, but I've been having a hard time finding a good, reliable sewing machine. I've learned how to sew on a singer and my first singer machine was great. When I moved (I grew up in Vancouver) to Ontario, I had to leave it behind.

Got myself a brand new Singer just last year in April 2016, but I've had multiple issues with it, mainly timing. Considering the machine wasn't even a year old and having basically 3 timing repairs needed, I'm simply fed up and gave up on the machine. Right now the timing is off again and I don't have the right tools, and having it repaired by a professional is going to cost me $120 plus taxes. Of course for that price, I can get a new machine!

Asking for help from the rat community on any sewing machines. I am looking into Brother or Janome, as I really don't want to waste my money on Singer again. Nothing fancy, it just has to sew straight since it will be for hammocks small projects, but obviously needs a good stitch and reliable.
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