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Hi there, I'm looking for someone that lives in MT (Somewhere near Broadus) that would be willing to drive maybe 2-3 hours in the direction of Bozeman with some adopted rats.

So I adopted some rats from Star's Rat Rescue, and the entire adoption process went very well, the only problem we're having is transportation. Some wonderful people are already driving part of the distance between the actual rescue and where I live (Bozeman). I would be more than happy to drive to pick them up when they would be in Broadus (Sat/Sun), but I have work in the evenings, and just don't have the time to make the round trip.
I don't know what portion of people here live in MT, or would be willing to provide transport (I could reimburse you for gas, I just don't have time for the drive), but if you could, that would be unbelievably helpful.

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