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I had seven rats. I lost one to what I thought was something she had, or got into, or something I never caught in time, well know three others are all sick and I think I am going to lose them.

To make this a little clearer, I have two young ones in the top half of the cage and I had five older ones in the bottom half, well know I lost one of the five and I am thinking I am losing three more, I separated the one that seems to be fine, so she is no longer in there in case her body is just better at fighting it off.

My hairless girl is the worst of the three I will be lucky to have her by morning. the other two are sisters they both aren't good but they are doing better I am medicating them the best I can but I think it might be to late for them.

Has anyone else dealt with losing so many of your babies at once? I don't know what to say or do to even remotely keep my mind of them. I feel like a terrible owner, my heart feels like it's breaking into be pieces. I know I would have to say good bye for good at some point, but this is way to soon, they aren't even three yet. It upsets me seeing them breathing deeply and knowing there isn't anything I can do for them,

I didn't realize just how much my ratties mean to me until now when i'm scared i'll lose them all. There is still hope they will get better but just by looking at them I don't think the medication will be enough to bring them around soon enough.

I guess this isn't really asking for help anymore I just needed to get this out I guess.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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