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Hi guys,
My rat Goose (3 yr old male) has a hard lump sitting center of his testicles, but when felt, seems to be growing from the right testicle. It’s slightly more pink than the surrounding skin, his stool is a bit softer than usual, but he is eating, drinking, and urinating normally. He is old and has been slowing down a bit the past couple months, but he is still a very happy boy and doesn’t appear to be in any pain or discomfort. I uploaded a photo of his testicles- does this seem consistent with a testicular tumor? If so, I’d appreciate insight into possible next steps. He’s my first baby and I love him so much it hurts. As much as I want him around forever, I’m still leaning towards avoiding surgical treatment considering his age. I just don’t want to put him at risk during the surgery or have him suffer post-op when he likely doesn’t have all that long left regardless. I just want this final stage of his life to be comfortable and without too much stress. If anyone has dealt with similar situations or has any opinion at all on what may be going on, I’m all ears. Thanks friends
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