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I noticed today that Hershey has developed a lump right behind one of her front legs. What could it be? I can't afford to take her to the vet right now, so is there anything I can do in the mean time????
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its the same as my daisy had you have discribed it the same way as i did down the phone to the vets so it seems to me like its a tumor, they can operater on it although its (as all operations on small animals) not 100% they will pull thu, and also the tumor might come bk, but dont just take my word plz talk to you vet and ask about options, i hope it all works out for you! keep me updated
i had my girl put down when she had a tumour as one poped up and we booked her for surgery the next day but the next day she had 2 more and the vet said it was to much stress for a small animal plus there was a large chance of the tumours coming back and it was more humain to have her put to sleep so she didnt suffer any more it was a hard desicion. i tottally agree with hjkaga.
daisy was one month off being 2 it was a very hard discion to make it still upsets me now, i just have to remind my self it was for the best i still miss her every day. people are tellin me to get my rats spayed and im worryed that they wont pull thu but they seem to think they will but in my experence most rats dont pull thu so i think its not worth the risk! i love my rats and dont want to put them thu any unnessasery pain! which ever option you chocie i will support you, also as you rat is around 2 years old they are known not to live much longer than 2 to 2 1/2 years and its just upsetting to know you are causing unnessesery pain!
yes but at the age hershey is hershey wont live much longer its morbid but true! and its more humain to just have hershey put to sleep end of the day its the owners choice
as i said it is the owners own choice and i choce to let daisy pass away peacefully rarther than put her thu all the stress of an operation
with my rat both her tumors poped up over night and from what ive hurd other than on this forum operations are high risk but with what ive hurd here i am slowly changing my mind
no these were def tumors i asked friends and 2 vets and they all said tumours so there was no doubt about it they seemed to pop up over night but my mom said they were just very small before and then got much bigger over night as i was away for a week and when i came back they were huge!
she was in alot of pain i still cry when i think about when we took her to the vets she didnt want to leave me and tryed to get away from the vet in all the time i had her she never bit any1 ever not even playfully but she tryed to bite the vet even tho she had been before
how do you get your rats to take medicin ? we had a siringe and that was a last resoce, we tryed everything and they wouldnt take it it took 3 of us to med one rat in the end for the course of the meds we had to take the vets every day 2 times a day and they had it injected!
thats a good idea putting around their face mine would bite the suringe and make terrible squeeking noises touch wood they wont need it again
talk about dramatic you only have too look at roobs in the wrong way or stroke him wen hes in a mood and it sounds like im trying to kill him the lil bugger
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