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Warning - the photos on this page might be upsetting


NorthStar Rescue, based out of Novato, CA is spearheading the rescue
effort for 150+ rats that were found in deplorable conditions as
documented by the photos on the aforementioned page.

Rattie Ratz's foster system is currently overwhelmed and we simply do
not have the space to intake these animals but they still deserve a
fighting chance at the wonderful life that they are entitled to.

I have been keeping in contact with Lauren from NorthStar and they are
in dire need of adopters, quarentine homes, foster homes, supplies,
financial resources etc. to help as many of these rats as possible.

I would like to personally plead with everyone in the greater bay area
to consider opening their heart and home to 2 or more of these
neglected rats.

Each of us making a small difference will quickly add up to a VERY big
difference in the lives of these neglected ratties.

Please contact Lauren directly at: [email protected]
or feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

Thanks for listening

*i know this isn't in the right format but hopefully you will alow it or move it to a beter place.*
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Im interested in fostering, I shall email you.
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