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My boys have a new, huge, scalable cage, and it cost me just under $100 before taxes.

I went to Lowes and bought a 36"x24" cement mixing pan (also useful for toting firewood, plants, etc. that was $15.

Went to Home Depot for wire shelving. Two 16"x8' @22 each, and one 12"x8'.

The top is two 3' sections of 12", upside down, where the hanging down parts meet in the middle. I made the front section opens for easy cleaning. I'm still trying to figure out a way to latch it. Laying it upside down also provides strength across the length to hang things from.

I used leftover shelving to make a second level and covered it with cardboard until I can pick up some plexi from the surplus store. I also made a ladder, but it's temporary until I pick up some wood so it's easier on their feet.

Whole thing took about 3.5 goes to cut and assemble everything with zip ties. I may grab my dad's leftover suspended ceiling wire and tie everything together with that if they chew through the ties.

Btw, I bought the shelving from Home Depot because theirs is painted (I assume powder coat). The stuff from Lowes and Rona are vinyl coated. I have a piece of that I used to test if they would fit through, and both went nuts chewing on it.

I think it turned out well, and they seem to be enjoying it immensely.

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