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Do rats change their personality? One of my rats who was very brave and outgoing now acts scared, she's easily startled, freezes often, and seems to be in constant lookout mode - ears up like radars all the time.
It was a sudden change, almost overnight, maybe over a few nights.
It's not that she can't act happy. She does brux sometimes, and gives kisses even, and runs and explores. But majority of time she seems like she's a border guard on duty.

I really can't think of a specific reason, or any potentially traumatic event which would cause this. They had a new cage mate introduced a few weeks ago, but this change happened much after the intro, and after they had lived together for almost a month. The whole rat family was away from home for a week (I was away for Xmas) under care of my friends. Those friends had taken care of them several times before.

Any ideas? Did anyone had a similar experience?
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