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So I keep the rat cage in my bedroom mostly.
Unfortunately the rats can't play in my room or on the bed anymore due to many pee accidents.

so the only area they have now which is tiled is the small bathroom down the hall
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which the floor space measures 41 inches x 62 inches

How can I make it interesting for the ratties?
I put their cage in front of the bath so they have the cage to climb on and run around the edge of the bath.
And when doing daily housekeeping of their cage in my room, how can I stop Roxy coming out of the cage, as she is used to playing in my room while I'm doing this.


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I made this box fort for free range bathroom time for my rats and they love it! Yours probably would too.
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I also set up a large pea fishing tray in my shower. As they've gotten better at it, and more comfortable in the water, I've been making the water deeper to make it more challenging for them.
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You can also scatter a small handful of steel cut oats across the floor for them to sniff out and find.
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