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Making Doxycycline Solution - Verifying Vet's Instructions

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I have 2 rats that weigh about a pound and are suffering from a URI infection. I've been prescribed Baytril and Doxycycline. The Baytril is easy since it's already liquid and I am giving .1 ML to each rat twice a day.

However, with the Doxycycline, I have been informed that I need to make a solution. She gave me a 200MG pill. Here are her instructions:

1) Grind up 200MG Doxycycline tablet and place into 40ML solution (I'm assuming water since I mix it with baby food to cover the taste, also assuming it needs to be refrigerated to last 14 days)

2) The dose for Doxycycline per rat would then be .5ML twice a day. She told me it'll be a ton of solution and I'll have a lot leftover, enough to medicate about 800 rats rofl, but it should be at the proper concentration.

Does that make sense?

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You're making 40 ML of meds and giving out 2 MLs of meds a day. That's a 20 day supply if you are medicating 2 rats 2 times a day.... I don't understand why she thinks that's enough for 800 rats?
(.5 ML x 2 rats = 1ML x 2 times a day = 2MLs a day)

Anyways, the strength you are making is 200mg/40ml or 5mg/ml.
If you dose at 5mg/kg and your rats are roughly .454 kg (one pound) each, then the dose would be .454 mls twice a day.
So yes, the .5ml dose twice a day is correct. ^_^

It should be refrigerated. I recommend you mix it with 70% Strawberry Nesquick (or whatever strawberry syrup you have... you know, the stuff you mix in milk to make strawberry milk?) and 30% water. Doxy is naaaaaaaasty tasting.
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