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Making medicine balls with liquid antibiotics?

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I have found many great recipes (namely Rat Health Guide) for medicine balls, but they are all meant to be made with tablets or pills.

Has anyone made these with liquid suspensions of Baytril and doxy? I'm worried about mixing in the peanut butter (which is supposed to be heated first to make it easier to blend) with the medication that is supposed to be kept refrigerated. I really don't want to make a big batch and then end up with degraded meds that are ineffective. I'm going to call my vet and ask, but wanted to check with the group first.
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You can use liquid medication just fine, but there shouldn't be a need to heat the peanut butter. If you really can't get it mixed in, then mix water in the peanut butter first until it's a mixable consistency. Then add your medication, and then flour to get the mixture to a texture where you can roll it.
I just mix liquid meds with nutella, they usually eat it ok.
I make oatmeal, mix in honey and the meds, and I haven't had a rat turn it down.
Here is what I've been doing for Zeeky.... I take a small bit of sugar cookie dough (Pillsbury) and roll it into a ball. (about the size of the tip of your finger) I then press it into a sort of bowl shape with my thumb. I then put the meds into the bowl and sprinkle a small amount of flour on top. Then using a small spoon I mix the flour and meds until they are a paste. Then I fold the whole thing in half and squish it up a bit and then roll it back into a ball. Zeeky eats it every time. I'm sure it's super high in calories, but I tried mixing it with a bunch of other stuff and he would refuse it or worse only eat part of it, which ruined the whole dose because I didn't know how much he actually got.
Thanks everyone!
I tried using PB and it mixed in well and formed easily into balls - they loved them and finished the whole ball, but I was biting my nails the whole time because the PB was sticky and they would gag a little at first as they were eating too fast. I think I'll probably try one of your methods instead so I don't have to worry about giving the ratty Heimlich.
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