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Hi, I’m Ralph and I was given a pet rat this a few days ago. The owner was unable to care for him so I took him in temporarily while I find a permanent home.

The rat was in a situation where the owner had some health and monetary issues. He and his cage-mate were in a classroom for a while and then they went to the former owner when the school year ended. The other rat escaped and was found dead a few weeks ago. The remaining rat (we’ve been calling him Bjorn) has been by himself since then. He is friendly but is hesitant to leave the cage. He lets me pet him and will take food from my hand. He won’t let me pick him up. I have some experience taking care of rodents but I can’t take this rat in at this time. I would love for Bjorn to find a buddy rat and someone who can spend lots of time with him. If you or someone you know can find a home for this rat, please send me a message. I am located in Northern NJ near Lake Musconetcong.

Thanks in advance for any info or comments.


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