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Among a choking incident, discovery of lice, and the past few days becoming reasonably chaotic, all is looking up.

On the subject of his home: I ordered him a 3 level cage with room enough for two rats. A close friend of mine who insists on acting as a doting uncle helped me by ordering hammocks in two designs I chose. The cage is being shipped out from California, the entire opposite coast, but should be here by Tuesday or Wednesday with any luck. I'm not too hopeful for Monday, but the earlier in the week the better.

Last week (or, rather, this past week) he began to show interest in escaping the absolutely tiny allegedly-10-gallon plastic enclosure I'd been using as a nestbox (think about those tiny things they sell for you to keep hermit crabs in, at the mall). Normally I'd never have kept anything in this but as both of my tanks are in use at the moment and it was one of the only things with a lid, it was my best shot. He spends most of his time either outside of it or sleeping. At the moment of my writing this post, he's climbing all over my shoulders and through my shirt.

He's recently gotten enough fur to successfully regulate his own body temperature when it's not too cold, so I've replaced his hot water bottle with a cylindrical oatmeal canister from Quaker Oats made of cardboard. Inside is one of the towels he's been nesting with this entire time. Sleeping in the dark space has made him feel a lot more secure and he doesn't seem as interested in escaping. (Earlier this past week he was attempting to hop to the plastic ceiling and this is what decided me on ordering the cage ASAP.)

My aunt and cousin visited earlier today and coupled with their voices and the dogs barking, he decided my shirt was the place to be and hasn't really ventured beyond that.

I'll admit, there are growing concerns on his burgeoning level of escape artistry though he hasn't made any sincere attempts. It's not that I desire to rein him in, but rather that if he escapes my house is full of larger things that would love to eat him and closed spaces I'd lose him in.

That cage cannot come fast enough for me. I want to be able to see him explore a space bigger than he has been. He's been limited to a tiny tank and exploring in the range of my own body. I've felt too uncomfortable with the idea to let him roam the floor or the sofa. If he disappears, he could quite easily die or starve.

I've yet to call a vet about neutering but plan to do so Monday when they're open. I'm starting off with a vet about 15 minutes away that I took Lily to when she stopped eating earlier this year. I'm hoping that they will have the knowledge to do the surgery but also that the surgery itself will be cheap yet still quality.

The care they gave Lily was outstanding so I have no doubt that they would take care of him.

Lice are a real concern and I'm looking into ordering Revolution which may take some time to arrive. Also on my list of to order are lab blocks to be the foundation of his food once he's weaned completely. All of this together has created a very expensive adventure, but I've found him to be worth it thus far.

Lastly, I'll be posting pictures when the cage arrives and is set up. You'll be able to find those photos here and probably in the thread I've posted in Meet My Rat.
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