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Martin Cages

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Ok Im in love with this cage!!!!


Its like a motel for rats lmao My question is it comes in galvanized which i know is straight metal (we used to raise rabbits and kept htem in galvanized cages) and then powder coated. I want to order this cage in powder coated Would there be any concerns of my ducky and thumper chewing off the powder coat and becoming ill??? Or would going with the galvanized be ok for them

Galvanized price 167.00
Powder Coated 195.00

Hopefully within the month Ill be putting this baby on order!!!!! That is unless I find a larger cage rofl

I want my boys to have the cadillac of cages ahahahah
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awesome!! Thanks guys for the advise!! Im planning on making this the cage we get. I love the size and how much room it would allow!!! And really the price isnt all that bad considering the crap cages at Pet stores are so high and you get such tiny cages!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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