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Masters of MURDER!?

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Ok my friend has 1 dog,4 cats 3 adult 1 kitten,1 cockatoo,2 ratsys,5 mice and 3 hamsters 2 black bear and a dwarf (Rip dwarf)

She lets the ratsys out for their normal hour and a half "free time" and leaves the room to get the phone (she NEVER left the room during "free time before) and when she comes back the dwarf hamsters cage is open but the ratsys are on the bed 10 feet away and 3 feet off the ground exacly how she left them. She looks in the cage to see the hamster just laying there so she picks it up and.....it's dead! she inspects the ratsys and finds no blood on either ratsy so she looks back to her hamster and finds 4 puncture wounds....

WHAT might I ask do YOU think happend and why?
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I'd still wonder if the hammie was dead prior, because if it wasn't, that's not much blood.
Well, if we apply Occam's razor... The cage was open, so someone opened it. The rats, being bearers of no opposable thumbs, seem unlikely targets. The hammie is the same, for the same reasons. The hammie seems to have been biten, but nothing was within range. The jump from the bed to the cage seems more daring than my boys would be, though some would maybe not...

What I'm trying to say is either the hamster died and she's blaming the rats or she let the hamster play with the rats and the inevitable happened and now she's covering it up. Those options are much simpler than the rats jumping/climbing across, opening the cage, attacking the hammie (or the already dead hammie), and then immediately crossing back to the bed to put on an innocent act.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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