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Masters of MURDER!?

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Ok my friend has 1 dog,4 cats 3 adult 1 kitten,1 cockatoo,2 ratsys,5 mice and 3 hamsters 2 black bear and a dwarf (Rip dwarf)

She lets the ratsys out for their normal hour and a half "free time" and leaves the room to get the phone (she NEVER left the room during "free time before) and when she comes back the dwarf hamsters cage is open but the ratsys are on the bed 10 feet away and 3 feet off the ground exacly how she left them. She looks in the cage to see the hamster just laying there so she picks it up and.....it's dead! she inspects the ratsys and finds no blood on either ratsy so she looks back to her hamster and finds 4 puncture wounds....

WHAT might I ask do YOU think happend and why?
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that's possible but why was the door open and even if they manaage to get at the hamster through the bars it would have been a leg wound, i doubt they would have been able to get a fatal bite through bars. especailly bars small enough to keep a dwarf hamster contained.
Teratsy NEVER lies to ME!!! *deep breath* And I didn't leave anything out. I'd asked her some of the same questions but she was to broken up to answer some and LIEING is out of the qestion!

Oh and Teratsy is her nick-name....mine is....Raizuratsy....... :roll: lol....
And I don't get it either why the ratsys would go kill something and run back to the bed... It makes no sense to me.

That was the reason I posted the story. To find some answers.
never said she did lie. just perhaps made a story. there is a difference. lieing is knowing you are telling something that is untrue. a story is trying to fill in blanks or cover something from yourself that you don't want to admit to. this seems the same but its different. a lie the person telling it knows its a lie, a story the person telling it believes at least 90% of the story is true. its self-deception and people practise it all the time. its normally not until much later (after emotions have had a chance to settle) before the story teller will realise that some of the things they said couldn;t have happened that way. this is why i asked if it could have been possible she was embarrassed about something simple. she would have blamed herself more harshly for her pet's death then and would be more likely to tell a story. you said she was very broken up about the pet's death that you couldn;t even get all the answers you wanted from her. this sounds like she could be in enough emotional turmoil to be filling in very large blanks. we can only guess and say that things don't add up. we're not going to be able to tell you what really happened one way or the other. the only one that knows that is the owner and the animals. and the owner may never tell all the details if she feels guilty enough over some oversight. you can try asking again later once time has done its work but you may never find the answers.
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many animals in the wild will kill another animal just because it is competition, not because they want to or because the other animal offended them. i know that rats will kill mice, but i'm not sure if wild hamsters and rats ever really met, as hamsters are desert animals. so maybe the rats just noticed that the hamster was an easy kill so they went in there and did their thing? afterwards, they weren't there to eat it, so they went back to whatever they were doing?

it really does sound like a total mystery to me, but i thought maybe i'd throw that out there as a possibility?
This is very odd.

So, is the concensus that The Rat(s) Did It In The Hamster Cage With The Sharp Teeth, but then raced back to the bed in a matter of moments, and did their best to look cool and innocent?


I'd watch out for these rats, for now...maybe you want to buy some padlocks for your cages! :lol:

Sorry for joking - it's a sad situation. I only jest because it's such a weird thing to have happened.
if there is more than 1 hamster in the cage
i put all my money on him...they arent social and will fight the other to get what it needs. Also if the hams were rolling around scruffing then the cage door(which was described as easy to open) easily could have been knowcked open.
Puffo was in his own cage becuase the other hamsters are black bear and he was a very small dwarf.
And I talked to Teratsy again and she admits this sounds crazy but is sure it was the ratsys. I myself looked at poor Puffo and the bite/puncture wounds are very ratsy looking in size,location and space apart. and I did a test....I took puffos body and put it in a small wire cage and put it near the bars then put the ratsys outside next to where puffo was and both ratsys got very VERY mad and agressive towards puffos body. I also put them near the other hamsters to be sure it was the hamsters smell and not the smell of a dead hamster and I got even more agression...

I stiil can't understand or even imagine why one or both of the ratsys would jump off the bed run to puffo's cage pull the door open go in kill puffo run out and back to the bed climb up and act as if they had been there the whole time. I don't get it but all evidance points to the ratsys...
what more do you want? the topic seems to be as covered as its going to get without simple repeatition
Just wanted to know what you guys think about the last 2 posts.....
Well, I wasn't speaking up because, to me, it's a mystery. Evidence points to the rats, but I don't understand why they were acting so cool there on the bed. I wasn't ignoring you...just didn't know what to say.
Oh ok. :)
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