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Me and My Boys! (newbie here ^^)

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Hi! I'm Morgan from Kennesaw, GA. I have two boys, Teddy Bear and Squirt. Teddy Bear is a fawn berk and Squirt is a standard hooded. They are both awesome boys!!

I have only had girls in the past, so... I am really enjoying how much more outgoing and laid back the boy ratties are!! ^_^

So... please meet me and them. :3

(Also, some pics are sideways, I'm sorry!!!! ^_^;;;;)


My fat youngin' Squirtles.

Teddy Bear

Huge Mr Teddums

Its always a competition... trying to drink water at the same time. >_>;;;

And.... me!

Um, yep. Thanks for looking! :3
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They're gorgeous! Cutie little Squirtle! Remember to get your boys fixed, so they don't get orangey goo and smell bad! And never feed them orange juice, or oranges at all just to be safe. Boys can get... um... liver or kidney disease from a chemical in the orange peel.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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