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I picked up my 6 new rattie boys today!
I couldn't find the rescues picture of the other three, and they are WAY too hyper for a good picture right now.
Anyways, (From left to right) meet Lancelot, Bedivere and Percival.
Since I haven't had them long, I don't know their personalities that well. But from what I've gathered, Bedivere is a real trouble maker. Lancelot and Percival are a little shyer, but super sweet.


Not pictured are Gawaine, Agravaine and Galahad.
Galahad looks almost identical to Lancelot, except he has a bit less white. Gawaine is a darker version of Percival, and Agravaine is a dove masked/hooded variegated.

I adopted these guys from Stars Rat Rescue. An excellent rescue, and a great place to look for a new rat.
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