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Meet Bellatrix and Narcissa!

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The one with her eyes closed is Bellatrix and the one with the open eye is Narcissa. I've had them for almost 3 days now and they are quickly warming up to me and my BF. Yesterday they took the treats I handed them and they always run and jump up in the open door, I can also now rub their heads and ears. Narcissa has been bruxing when she sits on my shoulder and when inside my shirt, I am incredibly happy with the progress that has happened over the past few days and I hope to have happy little shoulder buddies in the future.

Bellatrix is the more outgoing one, when I put her in the cage she immediatly ran up to the top level and climbed to the very tippy top checking everything out, she then ran all the way back down and jumped up onto the food dish grabbing a piece out and bringing it to her sister to share. Narcissa on the other hand stayed on the bottom level for around five minutes before slowly following Bellatrix to the second and third level, but once she learned everything she became a lot more confident and now climbs around the cage with her sister. They have begun jumping on each other and I'm assuming it's fine if they kind of push and nibble as long as blood isn't drawn, I'm pretty sure they are trying to figure out the whole dominance thing. Other than that they snuggle when they sleep and share their food with each other. I'm so happy I finally have them and I can't wait to start training them their names and stuff!
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How old are those rats? They look really young to be without a mom....
They are 5 weeks, their mom died about three weeks ago and the people I got them from had to hand rear them. I think the picture makes them look smaller than they actually are, their bodies stretch about the length of my hand from the back of my palm to the tips of my fingers. The rest of the rats they have are males and I didn't want the girls to get pregnant so I took them when they said they where ready.
Very cute. It's so sad to hear about their mom, but it sounds like they have a great home. Love the names too!
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