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Meet Benedict "Ben" Cumberat and Ratvid "Tennant" Tennant,

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So happy with my new babies! Everyone say hello to Benedict Cumberat and Ratvid Tennant. You can just call them Ben and Tennant, named after Benedict Cumberbatch and David Tennant, my two favorite actors. They came to me through Regal Rat Sanctuary after their former owner contacted them. These two were rescued from a school, but nobody there knew how young rats can reproduce, so they're both daddies and their old family who took them from the school had to look for new homes for them. They're three months old, and still a bit skittish but much calmer tha pet store rats I've bought in the past, so I know we'll be great friends:) Ben is much calmer than when he arrived already. My handsome boys. Thank you so much to Sascha Torres for bringing us together. As soon as photobucket orks I'll put up pics.
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These names. They are amazing. Excellent job!
Thank you:) I'm guessing you're Sherlockian and a Whovian? They're both trusting me more already today
I love these names.
A huuuuge fan of both shows ;) And of those actors in general.
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