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This is Jayne Lawrence I BJ Eggerton McThicc with Two C's Now Who's Also an Interstellar FBI Agent, and he is a blue blazed berkshire dumbo. Yes, I have that memorized. We joked that we were only going to call him Lawrence when we were disappointed in him, but we never really call him anything else now, so uh, oops 馃槀

My son Lawrence has got to be, no shade, one of the silliest looking goblins I've ever seen. He's thicc and weirdly proportioned, his ears are hysterically wide, and his forehead is roomy enough for me to have considered listing it on Zillow. He's a badly bred double rex, so he basically has three hair growth stages; hot mess, friar-ville, and supermarket peach fuzz. He hordes carrots professionally and has a clumsy style to the way he tries to groom fingers. Also, he falls out of the cage sometimes because he doesn't understand a single thing about balance.

I thought for the longest time that Lawrence was going to be one of those rats that just doesn't ever feel comfortable with people, no matter what. I got him quite young from the feed bin because I'd wanted to come back into rats with a double rex, and he's always been a bit squirrely and insecure. The negatives have really settled over the last few months especially though, and every training/roaming session, he gets better!

Lawrence is actually the most adept out of all my rats at learning tricks. He loves, loves, loves and would happily die for a river made of non-fat-free Greek yogurt, and that's the best way I've found to bond with him. He'll never be a cuddly rat like Jimothy, but it's far more than enough for me when he rattles the bars to get out on the bed so that he can show off! It's so endearing to see how much he really loves that sort of attention.

This naked man is a great example of those 'surprise' rats that just unexpectedly turn corners and trust you when you're least expecting it. Lawrence says to everybody out there struggling with feeling like their rat will never love being with them to keep going! You got this!! 馃槉

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Lawrence is cuter than my hairless freak Silver. (I have a silly little rat named Silver.) Great post; I like your writing style, btw. I learned some more about rats鈥擨 didn鈥檛 know how much they like Greek Yoghurt and I feed it to them all the time with their regular pellet food. I should probably spend some time watching my rats while they eat so I can gauge their excitement about the food they鈥檙e eating. Previously, I thought it was avocados, beer, and corn chips that drove them wild.

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OMG, those are the most adorable pictures! The last one, may I ask permission to take that and make some artwork with it? Too cute, I can't resist 馃槏馃槉
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