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Meet my boys and one girl.

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I am currently housing an amazing pair of male fancy rats. Morty and Potato, they are brothers from a litter of feeder rats that i rescued.
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I recently went to my local PetCo and 3 new babies were being delivered. 3 albino fancy rats very young and very much still in need of a mother. I brought them home, and completely satisfied with the decision. They are agile and responsive after not wasting months of there lives in a garbage cage breathing there own filth not connecting with a human. Unfortunately rats that age are extremely hard to sex and one of them turned out to be a female. View attachment 309337
I have made the expense already to get another critter nation to house her over her brothers now that she will be maturing. I refuse to let her feel abandoned, If you are in a position to adopt her please reach out. I only ask you show me your girls and let me know that you can handle the transition. If you are cage limited and that is all that stops you from responding. Under the right circumstances i will purchase a premium cage. She is so sweet and already very accustomed to handling and already craves affection. Basically I am saying she is the GOODEST of girls. I just can't have her here in a clan of boys. I am in the Lake Jackson area TX south of Houston. I will do some driving to make this happen.

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are you able to get your boys neutered or your girl spayed? Lots of people do keep mix gender colonies! If not I hope you find a home for her :) I honestly wish I could take her lol but the US is a little far from the UK hahaha
i am considering just that. having all the boys neutered.
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