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Just adopted three male rats this weekend! My very first pet rats! I took care of 2 of them about a month ago while their owners were out of state on Christmas vacation and I loved taking care of them. Last week, they asked me if I wanted to have them since they no longer had time to play with them. Of course I said yes. At this point, they added another rat from the animal humane society, bringing the total to three!
Originally, their names were Algernon, Domino and Remi. They're now Ghost (Game of Thrones), Remus (Harry Potter) and Domino still needs a new name! They came with a 10 gallon with a topper- Just added in a handmade hammock and a few other things to make it more comfy. I've got a 20 gallon long aquarium, Haven't decided whether to move them in there yet until I get a bigger cage for the trio.
Here's a couple cute pics of them! Ghost -Mostly white, Remus- mostly white with black dorsal stripe and Domino- black body,white belly.


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