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Meet Pinky and Stripe

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I want to introduce all of you to my new boys "Pinky" and "Stripe". Their mother came into our shelter and gave birth to 5 pups on May 26th. They appear to be Rex/Dumbo, but I am not certain. Stripe and Pinky had very short, soft curly hair, but now seem to be going bald. The both have curly whiskers, which is why I thought part Rex. Mom had little to no observable hair. I chose these two because the seemed the most outgoing and active. However, they are the youngest, smallest rats I had ever handled and it is still little bit intimidating to hold them - they seem so fragile.

After living with them for over one week I can see distinctive differences in their personalities. Stripe is very bold and confident. He quickly began to let me handle him and, although still squirmy, will sit still in my arms for several minutes. Pinky is much more tentative and shy. He hates to be picked up and does a lot of squirming to escape from my hands. Once he even jumped out of the large plastic tote I kept them in while cleaning. Now the lid is always placed on top. Both of them will come running to the front of their cage when I enter the room and anytime I make my sound announcing I have food for them. They will even exit their hiding box for that.

They seem to get along most of the time, although they do sometimes squabble over treats or new toys. Currently they live in the You and Me Rat Manor Habitat. I use shredded paper for their habitat and line the floor with newspaper. The cage does not have a bottom grate, but I does have 3/8" grated shelving. I have covered part of the grating with cardboard to give them choices in footing.

They eat Oxbow Essentials Rat food, and are given small pieces of fruit or vegetables from my hands to try and help them associate me with good things. I am hoping that, as time goes by the will become even more relaxed with me. I welcome any and all advice you care share with me about living with these guys. I am a strong believer in the importance developing a strong bond with all pets and look forward to becoming best friends with them. A picture of my dynamic duo is attached.


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They are adorable! If they're still really young and losing that fur then they're probably hairless rather than double rex; they look like they're still in their awkward phase lol. If hair falls out and keeps growing back then they may be double rex; hard to know if you don't know their background.
Thanks for the Info. I never thought of myself as a rat person, but these guys
Have won me over.
It's funny that hairless rats won you over, they're usually kind of an acquired taste so to speak lol Even people who think that mine are cute don't want to touch them whereas they have no problem touching my standard furred rats. I'm glad you're happy with your new little bubs. If you find that the cardboard you've covered the shelves with becomes dirty too quickly, another option is binder clipping fleece to them. Also, they look like they are probably still quite young, so you may want to switch them to the young rat oxbow to give them more protein as they grow. You can also supplement more protein into their diet other ways like with egg.
Oh they are so super tiny awwww
I've never seen a hairless rat in person because even regular fancy rats are not popular pets where I am from, but I always loved them. And yours are so young!
If I were you I would try that puppy rat food or if you can't get it see how to adequate their protein intake, just like I would buy special food for cat kittens. In here there are no such fancy foods, but in a few days I'll be adopting 2 6/7-week-old albino females and I plan on supplementing their diets somehow until they are full grown. Best of luck to you and your kids!
Oh my gawd! Doze Ears! Aaack SQUEEEEE!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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