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My sister and I bought these two rats last year as babies.

When i first bought Ari, the siamese dumbo rex, she was very sneezy and developed wry neck within the first few weeks, waltzing, and tumbling at the peak of illness. Ari has since mostly recovered from the wry neck, but still throws her head around and is anything but graceful. She is the cuddliest little runty thing though, and still has her adorable baby cheeks! As a baby, she more resembled a solid pale blue rat, but over time, her coat came to look more siamese-like.

Sadie, the hooded girl is sometimes jumpy and doesn't react to cuddling as well as Ari does. One time, when we were playing in the back yard with the rats, sadie was spooked by a pigeon and dissappeared. It took about 20 minutes, 4 people, and a dog, sniffing around to find her. She does have her quirks, though. For example, she always comes up to the fromt of the cage, day or night, for treats. She likes to scoop water out of the chicken waterer we use for them with her paws and drink it like that. I still dont know why she does this, but it is cute nonetheless.
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