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My daughter and I added a new baby each, bring the total of ratties in our home to 6. We just got them yesterday : ) if anyone knows what color they are we'd love to know! Our 4 older girls (half siblings to the new girls) took right to the little ones, no squabbling or aggression, just act more motherly, clean them and the little ones curl up on their sisters to sleep or between them. Didn't expect them to all get along from first introduction.


Scarlett My daughter's Delilah, her eyes are closed a great deal of the time, she does open them, think she's younger than 4 weeks. Scarlett playing on their cube hideoutScarlett and Delilah The babies againLittle Delilah is sooo tiny and cute : )Delilah's MarkingsMy daughter's bigger girl Delta curled up with the new babies
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