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Although I introduced them in the "Say Hello" forum, as required, I thought I would officially introduce these two little fellas here as well! There names are Wink and Chips, Wink being the white fuzz with the eye patch. Chips' name is inspired from by the movie "Box Trolls", which gives names based off of boxes or bags worn by the characters, and as I was eating a bag of potato chips while thinking of a name for him... ;)
I'm guessing they're approximately 9 weeks old or so. I know pet stores aren't ideal, but my train of thought is that (please excuse my forward-ness), as long as there are reptile owners requiring shops to sell rats as food, I may as well provide a loving home to a few here and there!
As they're still quite teeny, my husband and I renovated an old guinea pig cage and made the bar spacing secure. I nicknamed their cage "Azkaban", because it's basically unescapeable and impenetrable. :) As they grow, we plan on adding on additional levels and such, but for now, they seem to be quite enjoying it!
I grew up with rats as a kid, and though it's been years, I'm super excited to have little fuzzlets running around once again!


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