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First off has anyone here had a rat with late onset of megacolon? If so how did it go for you?

My girl (born June 10th) went to the vet and got x rays, nothing jumped out at them but they did say her belly was bloated and felt big. It still does.

She’s not eating much of her lab blocks but she does eat any treat I give her. She’s sad because she alone until she gets spayed so I’m not sure if her sleeping more is from this or being sad. She loved her 2 sisters who passed. When I come home she jumps on me and likes to run around or cuddle with me. She doesn’t seem lethargic by any means.

She had some stool on her bottom today I wiped off. Her stools like a bit like they have been wet and dried and are misshapen which makes me think megacolon. She’s a Russian blue so no high white issues.

I’m going to call the vet back, has anyone had success with treatment? When she gets spayed should I have them look and see if they find anything else or do an ultra sound?

Anyone tried this Woodys megacolon diet?

I love her so much, I hope it’s not this but I can’t think of what else it could be. She’s not pregnant.

UPDATE: okay so I spent some time massaging her tummy and the she had a vet long poop, it was solid but covered in diarrhea or mucus. She’s not showing pain when I massage her tummy. Going to take her food away and try just recommended food for MC until I can talk with the vet. I had her out and she was running around (she’s determined to find a way into the boys cage...)

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No experience with megacolon so unable to give any advise here sorry but I just want to say thank you for taking great care of the little pupper
Let us know how it goes with the vet.
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