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Some of you may have heard about the situation in Fruitport, MI. There are an undetermined number of rats loose in a home that has now been condemned. Though there was frantic effort over the weekend to try to connect with someone about this situation, I've not heard back from any of my inquiries until this evening. Turns out there is one county animal control officer trying her level best to do anything she can about this situation - she is grateful for any help we can give her.

Things are moving very quickly at this point. The township is ready to move in and do what it has to do with this condemned property. I'm going to take off work and go over there on Wednesday to round up as many of these little ones as humanly possible.

We need boots on the ground on Wednesday, if possible, and more importantly, commitments to take in the animals I can manage to round up. I have local commitments for 30. Any over and above that can only stay with me temporarily - I simply don't have the resources to take on any more - but I will bring more than that home with solid commitments.

I've explained to this very nice, very overwhelmed animal control officer what an awesome rat community we have. Let's show her what we mean by that! Feel free to email me at gotrats10 (at) yahoo.com. Let's do this!
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