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Might be getting a FN!

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Woot! I'v ebeen looking around, trying to find the cheapest place to get one. Petsmart Online is around $150 something with Free shipping on orders over 50lbs. And there is this other place thats about the same but S&H is like $15...Problem is I don't hace a credit card. I was hoping to do a money order but there isnt that option. >.< I'll keep looking.

If anyone knows a place that I can get one for cheap and allow money orders hook me up! :p

This was the one I was looking at:


I would get one from petsmart its self, but they was $230 for it at the accual store! 8O
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I'd still be ready to modify it. I dunnow about others but mine came with pretty inconsistent bar spacing, the reason why my girls are never gonna be able to live in it.

Still love it to pieces, though. Best cage ever built. :D
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