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Might be getting a FN!

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Woot! I'v ebeen looking around, trying to find the cheapest place to get one. Petsmart Online is around $150 something with Free shipping on orders over 50lbs. And there is this other place thats about the same but S&H is like $15...Problem is I don't hace a credit card. I was hoping to do a money order but there isnt that option. >.< I'll keep looking.

If anyone knows a place that I can get one for cheap and allow money orders hook me up! :p

This was the one I was looking at:


I would get one from petsmart its self, but they was $230 for it at the accual store! 8O
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You to call the online Petsmart and get them to price match to it on a cheaper website like


They will price match, and then Petsmart also offers free shipping on over $50 purchases so you don't pay shipping.

Regular retail on Petsmarts website is $230 the same as in their retail stores.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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