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I posted on a different board about Jack Jack, my more-agressive-to-rats cat, haven't I? Well, he's younger than Annabell, and he's still muy playful. He's the one who got to Z the hamster, awhile back. Weeellll... Every time he would come in my room, I'd be sitting there, watching him. If he just stayed on my bed and watched the cage from there (far far away), I would let him stay there. If he got any closer, and started doing that prowl-walk, I'd push his face "gently" back or toss him out the room, or hiss at him rediculously or something to get hi out of there. Now, when I walk in my room and he's already there, he just walks out, it's so funny.

He was on one of the chairs in the cpu room when I brought, I believe it was Zita, out, and I didn't know. Jack was pretty calm about it, he just sat there. Well, me mum had this bright idea to put Zita on the chair with him. I was freaking out, but they said "Watch..." Jack was just watching her, not really caring much, and Zita was just walkin' around like there was nothing different going on. And then, oh my gosh this is priceless... We got this pic.

And then there's this one, taken seconds before...

I think this is Mimzy... Augh, I hate not being able to tell! The one downside to having two almost-identical rats (the only diff is the tail, and slight face shape, but they have to be side by side to know).

And then, Merry Late Christmas!
(peas ignore the mess, heehee)

It's not a great pic, but it's the only clear one! XP
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