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Mine detecting rats

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The Giant Rats That Save Lives

Nick Kristoff of the New York Times goes to Angola to see his "HeroRat" that detects land mines.
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I've read all about that! Interesting stuff. :)
APOPO is incredible! I have a skype meeting with them this week to discuss volunteer opportunities in the US. I think I am going to "adopt" one. You give monthly (or annual) donations and in return, they give you update pictures, let you name it, and you can decide if it gets to do landmine or TB detection. So cool


Yes, I love HeroRats! I donated to them and also purchased one of their hoodies. I wear it with pride. :)
Now if only we could keep them when they retire :p
I gave my mother and sister Christmas presents of a year's subscription to the HeroRats.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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