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Mite irritation and control

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Recently adopted brothers Grisha and Boris are exhibiting signs of mites. The previous owner warned me that the mom (the boys are only 5 weeks old) had some mites that were being treated and that I should keep an eye out. The boys are itching and Grisha has small bumps all over his ears that seem to be getting worse every day. I made an appointment with an exotic vet to try and get kitten Revolution as that seems to be the best mite treatment, but the appointment isn't until June. Can I use Zymox small animal topical solution on the boys until we can see the vet? I hate seeing them so itchy and uncomfortable.

I'm deep cleaning their cage as often as I can (once a week... sometimes a week and a few days if I have to be at work for crazy hours) and spot cleaning every day. How do I clean their fabric hide? It's a small fabric mushroom, do I throw it in the washing machine? Wash it in the sink with bleach? They've urinated in/on it and so it seems weird to put it in the washing machine, but I think I can clean the washer after.

I was also recommended to put a small amount of diatomaceous earth in/on their bedding. I've heard to be careful and not use enough to make things dusty due to respiratory concerns.

Is there anything else I can do to help mitigate the mites on the boys?
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Photo tax, Grisha is the black one and Boris is the grey & white
Fawn Rodent Hamster Whiskers Snout

You can see here the bumps on Grisha’s ears that have showed up the past few days.
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Poor poor babies! Mites are the vilest creatures on the planet and devilishly difficult to get rid of. I have no personal experience with mites, thank Heaven, but I'm sure my fellow RFers do and can give much better advice. I do know a complete sterilization of quarters and the area is called for, and kitten Revolution is highly effective. Don't be afraid to use the washer with hot water and lots of bleach, but I've also heard soft items such as blankets and hammocks should be removed before treatment and replaced with fresh new ones afterwards. I'm sorry for my inadequate reply but I've never dealt with these wretched parasites personally. I'm sure help is on the way. Wishing you the greatest of success, sending you and the Rats hugs and comfort.
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Small amounts of diatomaceous earth sound reasonable. Diatoms have very sharp microscopic spines that pierce the skin of insects and arachnids causing them to lose bodily fluids and die. Hoping the best for you!
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