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Mites on my rats, but with a weird and sad twist. :(

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We have had Lutie and Mouse for over a year now, and Lutie's health was slowly deminishing because we thought she was old... Today I got home to find that my boyfriend had Lootie with him in front of the computer and she had mites crawling all over her fur. They hadn't been there a week ago and now she was covered in them and convulsing so badly that her body would literally go flying across the room. It was horribly sad to watch, and needless to say, we watched her pass just a few hours ago...

So in an attempt to try and save Mouse (who is still acting healthy, is at a good weight, and so on) I called the vet asking how to get rid of the mites and they couldn't give me an answer.

Does anyone know how to get rid of these little bugs that just appeared out of no where with out hurting my rat that's still alive? :( I don't want Mouse to die like that too and I don't know if it's the mites that caused Lutie to pass like that...

Edit: I read some of the other threads on mites, and we did not bathe Lutie what so ever. We wanted to find help/information first before doing anything.
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I do know that already-sick and old rats often can't stand parasitic bugs. They make a bad problem already worse, as they deplete blood supply. :\ I'm sorry for your loss.

I'd find a new vet if I were you... A vet treating rodents should know what to treat them with if they have lites/mites.

Revolution or Ivomec can be used. Revolution would need a prescription, while Ivomec can be bought at stores that carry horse supplies.

I'd still recommend a vet visit.

By the way... It's may not be mites. You can't see most varieties of mites, whereas lice, you can see.
Lice are species specific, luckily. Mites can be host-specific, which means they may move to another species.
I honestly don't recommend using Advantage. Revolution, I feel, is the safest. I know a few rat owners have used the other brands, but I think most feel that Revolution is the way to go. Night can probably think of why that's so. I can't at the moment. ;) I know there's something about safety and Revolution needing a massive overdose to hurt a rat...
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