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I always let my girls finish off a cup of yogurt for me, since their little tongues can get into the corners that defeat my spoon, and they just seem to love it so much! (But don't worry, none of them gets more than probably a pencil eraser's worth of yogurt, I pick my cups pretty clean before I pass them on.)

Belgie diving in, as always, while Lola takes the more refined route of licking the rim.

Speaking of diving in for food, just look at what a little porker Belgie has become! I'm not too worried, she just likes her food, but I do plan on keeping an eye on her in case she needs a health diet soon.

Sevilla (shown by the dark blob between the two whiter rats) joins in the fray.

This was probably little Lola's first encounter with yogurt, and she managed to get it just about everywhere! (Hard to see, but there are little specks of yogurt all down her side)

All three of my girlies enjoying their treat!

On a related topic (not really) we have the ever-adorable sleeping photos!

Old one of Belgie and Sevilla

Totem pole rats!

Intro success! This is Belgie, one of the "old girls" sleeping with Lola, the new one! They were so cute, and then mean old mommy just had to go and wake them with the flashy. This is during free time/nap time, that helped me decide it was time to mix everyone together in one cage at last!

"Srsly mommy, why flashy back? We sleepy!" (Belgie and Lola, please excuse the bright purple bar...)
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