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The night of new years, Mocha suddenly spiralled downwards into what I think were several respiratory infections. I did not know because I was out, and my mom did not tell me because she did not want to 'ruin' my new year celebration. When I got home I found out and booked the earliest available vet appointment (5pm today). Unfortunately Mocha passed away just short of an hour ago... I initially made this account to ask anyone what I should do before the appointment as she seemed to be deteriorating quickly.
I soaked bread in water for her and let her lick banana mush off of my finger. She always loved bananas. Around ~12:40 she was laying and suddenly got up in a frenzy, climbed into her basket, and collapsed. I hovered over her afraid to touch her. Her breathing became very shallow until it stopped altogether. I called my mom and cried and prepared a box coffin for her. I still have to call the vet to cancel the appointment but I don't think I am calm enough to do so yet. Picking her limp body up out of her basket was very hard to do. Writing about it here is helping to calm me down.

This was Mocha. She had a sister who passed away suddenly (we still don't know exactly what happened but we suspect heart failure...there were no signs of RI). After her sister passed away, we tried introducing her to new cage mates but it did not go well, so she had been living in her cage solo. She was quite shy and preferred to be alone and out of her cage; she reminded me of a cat. She was very gentle towards my mom and I. She loved climbing my legs and resting on my hip. She loved fruit (especially bananas and grapes), as well as carrots. I'll miss her and her shenanigans.
R.I.P little one.

P.S does anyone know if it is possible to acquire antibiotics for rats without a vet prescription? I brought Olive and Mocha to the vet a year ago because they were exhibiting signs of respiratory stress (sneezing, congested sounds) but nothing else, and the vet told me that they were simply stressed out and did not prescribe any antibiotics. I hate the thought of not having antibiotics ready at hand incase something drastic like this happens again.
Yesterday was a stat and no exotic vet centres were open in my area. I have three other ratsos, and if they suddenly become sick I hate the thought of having to wait for a vet opening to acquire medication, as I know that rats' health conditions can deteriorate exponentially.
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