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Momma Rat is covering up the babies. Help

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She keeps Covering the babies up with bedding, nesting stuff, cardboard rolls, and then she will lay somewhere else in the cage. How can i fix this problem if it is a problem?.... Plz help.
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Well Thank god she knew what she is doing. Truthfully she wasnt trying to keep babies safe. she berried them deep in her bedding. then she built the nest over them and pulled them thru the floor. Kinda kewl very interesting and crafty. Thanks guys. I really love the dedication on these forums : ) -Josh
rattikins said:
Why are you breeding anyway? :?
Im not. When i first bought them i stuck them together while i got there cages ready. mistake before i even knew about these forums.

rattikins said:
Pulled them through the floor? :?
Yeah like she builds the nest over them.. Then she pulls them up 1 by one and they end up in the nest somehow. Its messed up. She just destroyed the nest and half assed rebuilt it today lol. The babies are starting to get markings. I am feeding the mother high protein high fat foods that i heard were healthy. (from some very experience rat owners)-Josh
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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