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My boys will all be a year oct 1st. We've had a few flare ups with hormones here and their and now I thought all was pretty mellow.

For those that hadn't followed my kids are all half wilds. They have been sweethearts and never shown signs of any aggression at us.

today all this changed. I was doing my normal clean out a few litter boxes. Moojoo, who has been my most hormonal boy in the past, has been separated a few times from his brothers till he mellowed out got aggressive with me.

He was sidling at me with all his hair up and trying to push me away from his litter box. so I took him out and onto my bed with me so I could gauge his mood. He kept pushing at me while sidling and making huffy sounds. I went to pick him up and he nipped my finger pretty good. It was a quick bite, definitely warning me to beware of his masculinity. I have him set up by himself again, since I don't want him biting his brothers.

I'm wondering at his age (10 months) if he will outgrow this, or do you guys think he's getting too old and this might be just him. If so I'm going to get him neutered and see if I can put him in with his sisters, aunts and Mum.

Oh lastly, almost forgot, cages got moved around. He's still in his own cage in the same spot. However the girls cage needed to be moved closer to theirs. They have always been in the same room together but not close enough to see each other till now. (tho I know they could smell each other) That may be what set him off, just not sure.

Here is a picture of him on my dresser next to my bed. Can you believe that cute face is being so bad?

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